Eve Spectrum gaming monitor (4K, 144Hz) My test

Of course there’s an elephant in the room: the sales. It is well known in the tech world that Eve failed to launch its first product, the tablet V 2 in 1. There have been several reports of orders that remain unfulfilled or refundable three years after the tablet’s launch. This failure tarnished Eve’s name and tarnished much in the company’s tech community.

I asked Karatsevidis what Eve had changed to improve sales and prevent the V disaster from happening again. He said Hawa underwent a major restructuring process to address these issues. Karatsvedis himself is no longer the CEO of the company, and Eves’s management, investors, and board of directors have completely changed. Eve is now driving Tuukka Korhonen from Hong Kong.

One of the major issues with V Distribution was using third-party suppliers to handle sales and shipping. Karatsevidis said Eve will sell the Spectrum directly, not another company that will just license the design. He said, “When a customer buys the spectrum, they will buy it directly from us, not from a third seller through us.” [Eve] He has no control. “

Additionally, the Spectrum board is made by LG, which should help with the demand. According to Karatsevidis, Eve also has strong investments and access to financing through traditional banks. One of the major hurdles with The V has been that Eve financing mostly consists of customer purchases. This is not the case with Spectrum. According to Karatsevidis, the $ 100 deposit will be used to plan production volumes, but the initial financing will be handled through traditional means (such as banks and investments).

I would say Eve approaches the Spectrum release with greater caution, possibly due to the company’s internal reorganization. However, Eve announced again in October Delay delivery For the spectrum. The Monitor is set to be released on February 26, 2021, but time will tell if Eve will be able to meet this deadline and ease consumer concerns. The company’s history does not paint a good picture.

I will monitor the next steps in the frequency spectrum. It is an impressive piece of technology with great potential. There are some serious bugs that Eve has time to fix, but the main concern is on the business side. Hopefully, Eve fixed the issues that have plagued the brand for years; The Spectrum Games Screen deserves it. Eve is struggling to gain consumer confidence and the Spectrum could be the company’s last opportunity to polish its tarnished reputation.

Disclaimer: The author of this review received the Eve Spectrum Gaming Monitor for the purpose of review. The device tested was a pre-production device that was returned to Eve after the test period.

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