On the web, Chekhov’s characters interact with Pirandello

Theaters? Closed. Show recordings? Surpassed! With her project “8 Characters in Search of an Author,” director Emily Anna Millett is offering amateur and professional actors the opportunity to broadcast short videos online in which they read transcripts by the authors. A funny and poetic choral story.

Theater never stops reinventing itself on our computers, and the streams of performances, which are very popular in confinement times, can look like dinosaurs. With her theater limited to a network, director Emily Anna Millet brought the recordings back to digital prehistory. It posts a sharing tool for professionals and hobbyists so they can grab pirated copies from the authors to post unique stories.

The latest version of this novice geek who wasn’t on her first attempt: 8 characters looking for an author. a « An imaginary social network » Their basic instructions. In a dedicated site, We communicate, register, choose a combination of those available in a database and step into the shoes of one of the eight characters featured on the site. Theatrical dialogues are created online. Born a story drawn from Pirandello, Chekhov, or Shakespeare sources, but separated from them to weave all other myths.

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