Everything you want to know about season seven

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What's new in this seventh season of Totally Spies

In this new season of this popular series, our beloved multi-generational agents are transported to Singapore. After being enrolled in AIYA Academy, they found themselves facing a formidable cybernetic opponent. Battling digital creatures, destructive toddlers with their giant toys, and even a giant, smelly durian, Clover, Sam, and Alex will discover that Woohp is threatened by a greater danger. Someone is trying to infiltrate their secret headquarters to take down the spy organization once and for all!

After an absence of 11 years, the spies did not remain idle. As Jerry says, “What's up girls?” »

New Environment: Futuristic and ecological city

The spies move from Beverly Hills to Singapore, a city that perfectly embodies the fusion of technological advancement and respect for the environment. With its impressive skyscrapers, skywalks, rooftop infinity pools, white-sand beaches and luxury boutiques, this city is a great place for new adventures.

Woohp opens up to the world

The girls' missions take on an international dimension. From New York to Dubai, via the picturesque shores of Lake Como and Parisian elegance, Spies takes us on a whirlwind of adventures around the world.

A renewed arsenal of tools

This season, gadgets are in the spotlight. In addition to improved classics, like the famous Compoudrier now equipped with holographic technology, Woohp has equipped our heroines with ultra-modern gadgets: gravity-propelled backpacks, small digital drones, and shoes that allow them to walk on water… each of which the episode will reveal their collection of… Technological developments.

New faces to meet

The season also promises the appearance of new characters that will enrich the already dense world of spies.

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New characters

This seventh season of Totally Spies will also be an opportunity to meet new heroes.


Elegant and full of wit, Zerlina is a fascinating person in the world. The epitome of refinement, she now serves as the manager of Woohp, a position she was clearly destined for, even though it frustrated the expectations of her father, Jerry, who wanted a less risky path for her.

A seasoned professional, she reveals her bold nature as she cruises the streets of Singapore on a motorbike, emphasizing her strong-willed personality.


Toby is a true innovator, a master of Woohp tools, working in his own manufacturing lab. Not only does he equip Sam, Clover, and Alex with tools before each job, but he also ensures they work properly and provides impeccable after-sales service. Girls especially appreciate his unconventional style and ability to find solutions to all their problems!


The mysterious masked supervillain is a high-tech talent deploying a variety of advanced technologies in Singapore in an attempt to locate and infiltrate the Woohp World. Although the girls succeed in foiling his plans, they are still frustrated by their inability to discover the identity of the person behind the emoji mask, as well as his true intentions. Does Cyberchac aspire to destroy the world of Wohp, or does he seek to control it and lead his own League of Villains?

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