How to access devices without a password

Whether it’s a computer, smartphone, or tablet, set one password To unlock it is important that you protect your property Aggregate. Using a password or PIN allows you to protect the contents of your devices from prying eyes and increase their level of security. However, there are alternative ways to access devices without using a password, such as i Biometric release systems. More and more devices today are supported fingerprint Or systems Face recognition, Like Face ID for Apple devices. Here’s how to set up alternative unlock systems and access devices without using a password.

Windows Hello: How to Set Up Password-Free Sign In

Devices equipped with the operating system Windows Microsoft has a personal and secure system for access: Windows Hello. Users can configure it to access their computers without a password, and choose between entering a file pinAnd the Fingerprint If your device comes with a reader, or Face recognition Via webcam.

for every InitializationWindows Hello You have to open a file start menu And follow the road Settings> Accounts> Sign-in options. The screen will open Manage how to access the deviceIn addition to the classic password, you can choose from different modes:

  • Windows Hello interfaceTo activate the unlocking of the device with facial recognition via the webcam
  • Windows Hello fingerprint-To use the fingerprint reader to log in
  • Windows Hello PIN, Which allows you to enable PIN unlock
  • Safety key, By inserting a physical device to access it, such as a USB key or NFC device
  • Graphic passwordTo unlock the device with a favorite photo.
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Once you set up your preferred security access system, you just need to configure the method and then start using it every time you want to open your computer.

Touch ID to access macOS devices

Touch ID for Apple MacBookDevices like i MacBook Air a MacBook Pro Apples come with a special Touch ID sensor On the keyboard which can be used as an alternative to the password for login. He is a reader of fingerprint Which allows the device to be unlocked with the biometric data of the user.

The option can also be added to Mac desktops, which do not come with the Touch ID sensor, and must be purchased separately as an accessory.

To configure access using Contact ID, You have to open a file Apple List And follow the road System Preferences> Touch ID> Add Fingerprint. The system allows you to enter up to 3 fingerprints for each user. In addition, the biometric security method can also be used to make and confirm purchases Apple Pay.

Another way to access macOS devices without a password is to use the Apple Watch, As long as it is connected to your MacBook or your Mac desktop is on Same iCloud account, same Wi-Fi and over Bluetooth. To configure this method, you need to open a file Apple List And follow the road System Preferences> Security & Privacy> Allow Apple Watch to unlock your Mac. In this way, it will be sufficient to install the Apple Watch on the computer to log in.

Android: fingerprint or face recognition

Android fingerprintThe Ei tablet Android smartphone They can be unlocked with alternative systems, such as fingerprint and facial recognition, as long as the devices are equipped to read biometric data with appropriate sensors.

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To configure the fingerprint unlock, you need to access the menu Settings> Fingerprint, face, and password And tap the option you want to use, chosen from Add your fingerprint a Add the face. This will open a guided tour that allows you to add a fingerprint or face recognition to access the device. Both options also provide a choice of security password, in case biometric unlocking systems cannot be used.

Face ID and Touch ID for logging into iOS devices

Apple Face IDUntil th Iphone Apple focuses on the security and privacy of accessing through Face recognition, call Face ID, And the fingerprint, He said Contact ID.

If biometric configuration is not performed at the same time as your iOS device is activated, it can be set later.

To do this, you have to open up Settings> Face ID & Icon> Configure Face ID And follow the instructions on the screen. It is possible to configure an alternate side that Face ID should recognize, by following the path Settings> Face ID & Icon> Create alternate appearances.

Likewise, you can create Contact ID On your iPhone by clicking Settings> Touch ID & Icon And activate an option, by following the customized instructions. Also, you can log in with More fingerprintsFor example, the thumb and the index finger. To do this, you have to open up Settings> Touch ID And press Add fingerprint And follow the instructions on the screen.

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