Evil Village, which lives on PS5, loads in 2 seconds: video analysis of the demo

There are digital foundry experts Analyzed Very carefully the Resident Evil Village demo and they discovered many interesting technical elements. The most interesting is no doubt the loading speed on the PS5: low 2 seconds You will be immersed in the dream atmospheres of Capcom horror. Resident Evil VillageOn top of that it seems to be performing better than expected with ratracing enabled as it has 4K and up to 60FPS.

Aims to show differences for the analytical version of the English peers PlayStation 4 And the game’s PS4 Pro. In terms of uploads, the “old” Sony Capcom consoles game loads in about 30 seconds, compared to 2 seconds for the PlayStation 5 version.

In terms of resolution and frame-rate, Capcom was able to upgrade the demo to achieve 4K and 60FPS (albeit with tips). raytracing Active. Without racing, Resident Evil Village plays a rock-solid 60 fps framerate. Earlier Capcom had said that 4K, 45 FBS would be a rating target: so, if confirmed in the final game, a good leap.

Although expected on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S on May 7, they broke one day of resident Evil Village in Australia.

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Veronica Tucker

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