Game of Thrones: New clothing set with free gadgets, here’s how to get it!

To celebrate b 10th anniversary Since the beginning of the series Game of thrones, The so-called Iron AnniversaryAnd the Zafvi She decided to launch a beautiful one in her store An exclusive clothing lineVery vibrant and colorful, inspired by the homes of the Seven Kingdoms and you’ll also have a chance to have them Welcome gift! Just really For a limited period of timeBy purchasing two items from this set, you will have the opportunity to add them as a gift to your shopping too The sign From your favorite home! Over the past 10 years, Game of Thrones has won the hearts of millions of fans, and this group includes many Gems not to be missedSo we recommend you to take this opportunity!

Whatever your favorite House of the Seven Kingdoms, though Clothing line You will definitely find a shirt that is right for you, in fact it is included Shirts With dedicated graphics Lannister, Ai Stark, Ai Targaryen Even Amnesty International Night watchmenAvailable for both a leg in order to Without a Sizes range from XS Until XXL. Fans of the quotes from the series will then be able to proudly show off some of the Featured phrasesAs in the case of a shirt Valar Morgolis, Or a sweatshirt Win or die, Which in addition to the historical line of Cersei also features a large representation of the Iron Throne on the back.

But this set is not just about apparel, the items designed for it are also available for purchase Decorate different rooms, Including suggestive Banners From different houses, or a series of a poster Which – which From 11.99 euros They will allow you to bring home an advantage Clarification, Complete with b quote Of the character represented. Finally we point out that there is some elegance Coasters e Charger panels That can be purchased € 17.99It is made in a specific engraved slate with some details for the different main families or with the logo as it appears during the initials of each episode. Right Must be purchased For every fan!

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zavvi got clothes

You will have understood it on the occasion 10th anniversary From Game of Thrones, Zavvi created a different group capable of delighting all fans of the series, which is why the advice we want to give you is: Visit the Zavvi homepage Find the perfect opportunity for you.

Moreover, when we always talk about Zavvi, we would like to remind you that you can still find all the ads made through the portal on the portal.Hasbro Fan Festival, Complete with pre-ordering of all the hottest goods! Before we leave you to the virtual catalog of ZafviRemember to join us all four Telegram channels, Respectively dedicated to Offers, Hardware and technology, Clothes and sports And products Chinese, Such as Xiaomi, Redmi and Huawei brands. Happy shopping!

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