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The question of Exclusive Has become a central theme, and the trend is to redefine it once again on social media Xbox The situation is dire, while apparently not the same opinion PlayStation.

The controversy naturally erupted after rumors of a Microsoft Activision blizzard acquisition and a growing emphasis on the possibilities that brands want. Call of duty Become exclusive to Xbox.

Well, Testin, an insider and YouTube user, said he was tired of the description and wanted to expose the facts and set the record straight. “Sony makes exclusive to Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Spider-Man and Wolverine PlayStation, while Xbox exclusively makes Xbox The Elder Scrolls, Starfield and some other activism games.”

“At the end of the Xbox exhibition Worse The situation, like Sony Good. (…) I do not criticize any company, but it is ridiculous to mention that one is good and the other is bad when they both do their own thing.

In fact, Sony’s exclusive policies have been implemented for many years, for example to see the huge success of Spider-Man, and from time to time great protests do not seem to have been raised.

As Testin rightly points out, both companies pursue their own interests, and after such a costly and demanding acquisition, it makes perfect sense for Microsoft to make greater use of the acquired intellectual property.

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Veronica Tucker

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