Exploring the more open gaming world is worth it

With Resident Evil 8: The Village Developer Capcom will introduce some new additions to the horror game series. Among other things, the game will offer a lot more open spaces than its predecessors. Exploring these areas is sure to pay off and should maintain a long-term interest in the game as well.

Resident Evil 8 as a horror park

In an interview with IGN, game director Morimasa Sato revealed a lot about the upcoming horror game. What is especially exciting here is what Sato says about The game world and explore the most open areas Betray. In “Resident Evil 8,” we’re supposed to tour a “horror theme park” according to Capcom.

What is in the amusement park? Exactly: loads of cool things that are fun to discover and try.

Likewise, you should work accordingly in Village. We must be in the world through it Freedom of movement You can literally lose. Supposedly A lot of driving Given that the players are not completely disoriented or completely miss their goal. Generous exploration Must also Reward It became as Sato says:

โ€œThere are a lot of houses that can be completely skipped, but since we think it is important to reward the player’s desire to explore, there is always something interesting to discover. We have gone to great lengths to make exploring the village fun.โ€ The customer review was automatically translated from German.

Morimasa Sato to IGN

If you explore closely, you will receive appropriate rewards. ยฉ Capcom

Resident Evil Village Loading Times

The range of possible paths that can be encountered in RE8 should be approx Too high to be. There are many optional branches, which also includes at the end game time Influencing players and encouraging them to do so Several times playing To complete.

“I’d go so far as to say that we prepared a lot of turns. So if you want to try everything, it’ll take a really long time.”

Morimasa Sato to IGN

To make the detailed exploration of RE8 really enjoyable and possibly even multi-racing, it is Download time According to Capcom Hardly or not at all Available:

  • at PS5 and Xbox series he has to There is no download time at all Give.
  • at PS4 and Xbox One It does load in some places, but in a way that gamers shouldn’t notice and should do Like a smooth experience I heard.

You will be able to convince yourself of the world of gaming and fast loading times on May 7, 2021. On that day, “Resident Evil 8” will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox consoles and Google Stadia.

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