Beef Le Mag is back on newsstands!

Pif Gadget returns as Pif le Mag. This is a review that should appeal to kids, especially with all the tools it contains. Nikos Aliagas participates in the first edition.

Pif le Mag is back to delight the little ones!

Do you remember that magazine that made you happy when you were a kid? Well, it is back on newsstands at the initiative of Frederick Lefevre, the head of press. His name is now Beef Le Mag It is sold for 5.90 euros. Francois LefevreThat acquired the rights to “Beef and Characters License” aims to make it quarterly!

Children’s magazine maintains its winning formula

The new Pif le Mag uses a formula that has been a hit since its launch in February 1969. Fans will find, of course cartoons He will be able to follow the adventures of the dog Pf, as well as those of Rahan and Placid as well as Mozo. In the magazine Young people, we will also find tools that will undoubtedly delight our young readers quarterly.

In the current environmental context, Pif le Mag wants to be 100% green! For this First editionThree environmentally friendly gadgets will be discovered. On the list is a tree that little ones can plant for Christmas, A. Goose game Without plastic, plus a magic app that allows discovering Pifga, the digital avatar for Pif.

Find out the interview with Nikos Eliagas

In the interview section of Pif le Mag, it is Nikos Eliagas That has been brought up. The journalist supports the association’s work Relief peopleWhich aims to offer a game to children who do not have one.

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