FaceBit, the tool that makes your mask smart and monitors your health

inseparable mask, It has become one of the things we have used the most for two years. After a soft start based on surgical and cloth masks, we got to know her well with a stroke Ffp2, Ffp3 and Fuse. But the latest gimmick Northwestern University In the United States it goes much further. merit FaceBitSmall accessory to attach the mask and is capable of Discover some important vital parameters to be monitored with a smartphone. Simply attach a small magnet in front of the device to allow this small set of circles the size of a 2 euro coin to control Heart rate and breathing rateto deliver real-time data to an app for download to your phone.


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What does FaceBit detect

While working, studying or standing in line at a public office, this little tool will check your vital data, alerting you every time it detects an anomaly, which can be of different types: from simple stress situation – In which case he will invite you to take a rest – until If the mask is not worn properly. A warning can be critical in the case of crowded places or for those users who cannot detect their nose and mouth even for a moment – as in the case of doctors in a hospital; Also because FaceBit has the ability to detect when a mask is not as strong as it was in the beginning And it’s time to change it.

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How long does FaceBit last

The other great strength of this innovative tool is in the battery: FaceBit Take advantage of the warmth of your breath to increase your independence compensation for the use of energy required to operate it; This way he will be able to Lasts up to 10 days without recharging for the power outlet. At the moment the device is approved in the US so it’s a prototype, but if all proves to be okay, it can soon be commercialized and mass-produced over the next few months.

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