Microsoft and Sony have never been rivals, and Randy Pitchford – can team up for

Randy Pitchford, founder and owner of Gearbox Software, is now part of the Empress Group, Microsoft e Sony They do not You have never been a competitor And, in fact, he believes they can even be friends in the future, which will benefit both of them.

Pitchford: “Given that Sony is primarily a consumer electronics company, how long will it take for Microsoft, the software company that runs Sony’s hardware, to find happiness? To me they were never competitors.

In fact, as the following tweets show, Pitchford is not an indirect critique of Sony’s obscure attitude: “Sony: “It’s better not to take their Call of Duty off our platforms!” Microsoft: “Brethren, we’re always trying to bring our games to your sites, so spending $ 2.5 billion on Minecraft is not enough to convince you?

According to Pitchford, Xbox consoles will disappear in the future because the Xbox will be everywhere: “For a long time: Blizzard games run on both Xbox and PlayStation. In the long run: Xbox will run everywhere and will no longer require Xbox hardware. It will change together Software site. All hardware manufacturers should be happy. Most of the friction is on revenue only.

Pitchford then concluded: “I hope Sony knows it wants to focus on Xbox gaming, but it’s very self-safe (for good reason). However, they are likely to become allies, and will meet halfway through. will be good. I like Sony and I like the Xbox, so …

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