Facebook criticizes Apple’s iOS privacy changes with full-page newspaper ads

Facebook publicly criticizes Apple’s upcoming iOS privacy changes in full-page newspaper ads. “We stand up to Apple for small businesses everywhere” reads the headline of an ad New York Times, The Washington Post, And this The Wall Street Journal Today. Bloomberg News Reports Ads are associated with Apple’s iOS 14 privacy changes, which make it harder for companies like Facebook to target users with ads.

Developers need to collect data from iOS 14 users and ask permission to quickly track mobile apps and websites on iPhone and iPod. Apple had planned to implement these changes in the initial iOS 14 release in September, but Delay in implementing them early next year. These changes will affect Facebook’s advertising business, especially its ad network for developers and businesses, as end users are more likely to opt out of tracking stimuli.

Facebook says Apple’s changes will be “catastrophic for small businesses” that rely on its advertising network to generate sales. Newspaper Ads Small Businesses Facebook “Speak for small business”The site, a series of business owners talking about changes in Apple. “Small businesses need to be heard,” Facebook writes. “We listen to your concerns and we stand with you.”

Although Apple did not respond directly to today’s newspaper ads, the company did respond Similar Facebook claims Last month. The iPhone maker has accused Facebook of “ignoring user privacy”. Apple is adamant that its iOS 14 privacy policies will take effect in early 2021 Said before It says, “We are committed to ensuring that users can choose whether or not to allow an application to be tracked.”

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Apple launched New App Store Privacy Labels This week shines a light on how iOS apps use your data. In particular, the privacy label of Facebook’s iOS app expands to several pages, listing all the data used to track you across apps and other companies-owned websites.

These full page newspaper ads are recent The general gap between Facebook and Apple In privacy, policies and more. Facebook slandered Apple’s App Store policies Earlier this year, After having to remove a mini-games feature to bypass Apple’s rigorous App Store approval process. Facebook this week welcomed the EU’s new Digital Markets Act (DMA) and Digital Services Act (DSA). Both actions introduce new rules for digital platform owners and are aimed at forcing companies to quickly remove illegal content from the web.

“We hope the DMA will set boundaries for Apple,” a Facebook spokesman said. Report CNBC. “Apple controls an entire ecosystem from device to app store and apps, and uses this power to the detriment of developers and consumers, as well as large platforms such as Facebook.”

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