How To Use Cardio Fitness On iPhone And Apple Watch

Another valuable health feature is included in the iPhone and Apple Watch With iOS 14.3 And watchOS 7.2 – Cardio Fitness. The measurement is based on your VO2 The Apple Watch is the maximum that can be rated when recording certain exercises. See why it’s important to use Cardio Fitness on the iPhone and Apple Watch, how to set it up, and how to measure / view cardio fitness levels.

Here’s how Apple describes cardio fitness levels:

With iOS 14.3 and watchOS 7.2, Apple Watch users can view their cardio fitness level in the Health app on the iPhone, and receive notification on the Apple Watch if it falls within the lower limit. Breakthrough technology released in WatchOS 7 allows the Apple Watch to easily measure low cardio fitness, and today cardio fitness announcements enable users to be more proactive for dramatic long-term health benefits.

Cardiospiratory fitness is measured by the maximum amount of VO2, which is the maximum amount of oxygen the body can use during exercise, and can be increased by physical activity. The Apple Watch already evaluates average and high VO2 highs during extreme outdoor walks, runs or hikes, which many trackers and other athletes monitor to improve performance.

Basically, cardio fitness is a metric that refers to overall health and can predict long-term health as well. When there is a link between low cardio fitness levels and future health issues, you have the power to elevate your levels with balanced aerobic exercise.

How To Use Cardio Fitness On iPhone And Apple Watch

Setting it up

  • Make sure you have upgraded to iOS 14.3 and watchOS 7.2 on your iPhone and Apple Watch
  • When you first open the health app after the update, you should see some new splash screens about the new ECG features and cardio fitness.
  • If you do not see it automatically, you can tap Browse > Heart
  • Look at the blue Set Press the button under Cardio Fitness Levels
  • Follow commands such as confirming your health details
  • You can choose to run low cardio fitness announcements for your Apple Watch
  • You will now see cardio fitness displayed under the heart section in the Health app
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Here’s how the setup process works:

How To Measure Cardio Fitness With Apple Watch

  • You will not find cardio fitness level data points for each workout recorded on the Apple Watch, what Apple says:
    • Apple Watch can record rated VO2 14 to 60 mL / kg / min When you have a brisk hike, walk or run outside With continuous heart rate measurement. It can rate your VO2 Maximum if you start one of those exercises in workout usage
    • VO2 Verified for a maximum of 20 and more users. Most people can upgrade their VO2 Maximum with more intense and frequent cardiovascular exercise. Certain conditions or medications that control your heart rate may overestimate your VO2 Max. Health details may indicate that you are taking certain medications.
    • You can read more about cardio fitness in the Cardio Fitness section in the Health app.

One important thing to remember: Apple Fitness + Cardio Fitness Data Measured With Exercise means you never really see it (Apple does not include any workout types in VO2 Max).

Interestingly, cardio fitness levels will also be displayed for outdoor walking / hike / run workouts that you did before iOS 14.3. You can tap the timeline icons above Cardio Fitness to see daily, weekly, monthly and annual data (see more about this)

Apple states that cycling is another great aerobic exercise to improve cardio fitness, but for now, cycling does not seem to be monitoring exercise either. Apple Watch Now record cardio fitness data.

How To View Cardio Fitness Levels On iPhone

  • You can check your cardio fitness levels at any time by going to the Health app
  • Tap Browse> Heart> Cardio Fitness
  • Tap the blue “Show all cardio fitness levels” to see all your data
  • Now you can see the months that were in the low, below average, above average and high categories
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Apple Watch Rehearsal on How to Use Cardio Fitness on iPhone

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