Facebook: New Sustainability Goal by 2030

Major fires in Greece and Turkey, floods in Germany, periods of drought and hurricanes – these extreme weather phenomena are caused by climate change and global warming. Then came the shock last week: Climate change is happening faster and with more serious consequences than previously assumed. This goes from the smallest
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Now, just a week later, on Thursday, August 20, 2021, Facebook announced that the company is pursuing a new goal in terms of climate protection: a positive water balance by 2030.

Reducing the ecological footprint

Early in 2020, Facebook published a report outlining the implementation of its sustainability goals. According to its own data, the company has achieved its goal of achieving net zero emissions and has increased the use of renewable energies for its global corporate activities to 100 percent. The new initiative is part of
Sustainability concept
Which focuses on the areas of “renewable energies”, “a zero-emissions future”, “biodiversity” and “responsible value chains”. With this, Facebook wants to make a “contribution to overcoming the global climate problem.”

Positive water balance by 2030

Like many other technology companies, Facebook uses large amounts of water, mainly to cool its data centers, such as
mentioned. Facebook Advertise Now in File
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She notes that one of its long-term environmental goals is to achieve a positive water balance by the end of the decade. This means that the social media giant wants to return more water to the environment than it uses in its global activities. For this purpose, Facebook follows a
Sustainable use of water. This focuses on ‘water sources’, ‘increasing water efficiency in all areas of business’ and ‘investing in projects to restore water quality in water harvesting areas’ where its facilities are located.

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