USA: Game of the Star host quits after sexist remarks hit him

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Los Angeles (AFP)

The new host of one of the United States’ most popular game shows, “Jeopardy,” resigned Friday, just nine days after being chosen for the enviable job, after being commented on his sexual remarks.

Mike Richards, 46, has been chosen to replace Alex Trebek, who died last year of cancer after hosting the show continuously since 1984.

Just days after Sony Pictures announced his appointment – and before he even started hosting Jeopardy! Mike Richards has found himself at the center of a controversy linked to derogatory comments about his co-hosts and women in general that were made public eight years ago in one of his podcasts.

“I am saddened that these past events and comments have cast a shadow over Jeopardy! We are entering a new chapter,” Richards said in a letter to the game’s crew, a copy of which was obtained by AFP.

Believing that continuing to want to host the show “would not be a good thing,” Mike Richards announced that he “immediately resigned” from his role as host.

A Sony Pictures Television spokesperson responded, “This week we were surprised to learn more about Mike’s 2013/2014 podcast and the degrading language he has used in the past,” noting that Mike Richards will remain part of the production team. From “Danger!”.

His replacement is at the helm of the show, followed by about ten million viewers per day, yet to be known on Friday.

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