Facebook to take the leap in technology with CTRL-Labs

In his latest “Ask Me Anything” post on Instagram, Andrew Bosworth gave his opinion on the state of brain computer interfaces with the mention of CTRL-Labs. Facebook’s vice president of augmented and virtual reality talked about Facebook’s takeover of the company.

Bosworth regularly hosts Instagram sessions where Users can submit questions. The vice president may choose to respond with a recorded response. One question raised the topic of conversation on technology This will allow direct communication with the brain. “When do you think brain-machine interfaces will become a reality? Is Facebook working on it?”

His son Bosworth reminded CTRL-Labs “Ask me anything”

Here’s a translation of the full reply from Bosworth, Facebook’s AR and VR Director: “Yes, last year, We acquired a company It’s called CTRL-Labs, and that’s exactly what we’re working on. We have worked with UCSF before that. I think it will happen, but it will take generations. First it would be one bit, then several bits, then lots of bandwidth. “

The company Bosworth mentioned, CTRL-Labs, was the A New York startup that Facebook acquired in September 2019. It’s a company founded by the creator of Internet Explorer in collaboration with neuroscientist Thomas Reardon.

Pointing out that Andrew Bosworth mentioned it on his personal Facebook page that day CTRL-Labs joins the Facebook Reality Labs team. The company hopes to build this type of technology on a public scale, andFaster integration into consumer products“.

CTRL-Labs is developing a BCI-based bracelet

“A technology like this has potential To open new creative possibilities And re-imagining nineteenth-century inventions in the world of the twenty-first century, ”Bosworth says. According to him, CTRL-Labs will evolve. bracelet Whoever wants to be An early version of BCI. This bracelet will allow new ways to interact with machines without them Any physical controller.

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CTRL-Labs is based on a technology known asDifferential electromyographyOr EMG. The inner part of the bracelet is lined with electrodes. When the electrodes touch, they measure electrical impulses along the nerve cells in the arm. These very long neurons transmit commands from the brain to the muscles. Therefore it indicates intentions Before the arm moves or even when the body does not move at all.

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