Facebook unveils two new smart screens

They are Portal Go and Portal +: the first is designed to move from room to room, and the second is the new top of the range

(Photo: Facebook)

Facebook social networking site Introduces the new pair of smart displays outletFinally, the cheapest portable version Portal Go 10 inch screen and performance Gate + Which is installed at the top of the catalog as the top of the range. These two new tools are designed for video calling and for using multimedia content at home in about a month.

go gate

go gate plus
(Photo: Facebook)

Model Go Gate 10 inch HD resolution (1200 x 800 pixels) maintains a compact size that combines home use with flexible use to move from room to room during video calls thanks to the handle for a more comfortable grip and a long-lasting battery equivalent to five hours on calls with Messenger or 14 hours on listening with off Turn on the screen.

smart camera sensor 12 MP with Ultra Wide Angle Lens to expand the frame and can follow the subject as it moves around the room; Don’t miss the shutter for tangible privacy control. On board there is a good power amplifier (5W dual woofer and 20W woofer) also for listening to podcasts or music for using the Portal Go Like a portable speaker. The design in lines with rounded corners and veneer cuts like a lot of the competition.

Gate +

more gate
(Photo: Facebook)

The new Portal + features a larger 14-inch diagonal display, which can no longer rotate from landscape to portrait like the previous generation. However, it can be tilted and the built-in speaker quality improved compared to the past, with compatibility with audio files that Facebook defines as “ultra-clear quality.” For the rest, here is also a camera with a shutter and a program that follows the subjects thanks to the default orientation.

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Two new Facebook Portal devices will be available for purchase from official site Starting October 19th. As for pricing, the 10-inch Portal Go will find itself at €229, while Portal + a 369 EUR.

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