Faced with the arrival of Free Mobile, residents have no shortage of silly arguments

Faced with the arrival of Free Mobile, residents have no shortage of silly arguments

Installing 5G in some municipalities is not an easy task for Free Mobile. But fortunately for him, the owners often agree to lease him a plot of land.

In Vaudricourt, a small town located in the province of Pas-de-Calais, Free Mobile has to confront the mayor and the residents. But the law is on his side. Last Friday, half a dozen locals met with representatives operator To express their dissatisfaction in person. For once, the effect of waves on health was brushed aside. While some thermal residents are particularly concerned about the devaluation of their home, the arguments seem irrational to others, such as the fear of arrangements made to access this antenna. “Attract travelers or help create an open landfill”, Reports North sound. A resident complains about the shadow the edifice will create in his room.

On his part, the mayor is located from above. “The municipality does not have a suitable land to install the relay antenna designed for the fifth generation. The only one that could match was the football field. There was also Gros Télol. Well that’s what we thought. Maybe the tree is no longer there, but we learned from ABF (French building architect) That the area is still classified. » After an initial refusal, Free Mobile decided to switch to Plan B. The operator will eventually lease a site from a farmland owner. “When I learned that the farmer had given his consent, I took it as a stab.” The mayor is disappointed. Work should begin at the beginning of the summer and continue for a month and a half.

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