Kongsberg has unveiled its new portable anti-aircraft system, NOMADS

In May 2024, Shooting tests It has occurred since the first NOMADS rockets were produced and several IRIS-t rockets have been successfully launched. However, with all IRIS-T missiles delivered to Ukraine, NOMADS is expected to be re-equipped with the AIM-9X Sidewinder missile soon. Note that tilting the launchers forward does not prevent 360-degree area coverage: the missiles launched have a directed thrust. Obviously, the range will be slightly reduced when firing backwards, as the missile has to burn the oxidizer in order to move in the direction of the target, as opposed to firing forwards where the oxidizer will only be used to propel the missile directly toward the target. Speaking of targets, NOMADS is capable of intercepting aircraft and helicopters as well as drones and cruise missiles.

Designed directly for the Norwegian Armed Forces, it will support the NASAMS anti-aircraft systems already acquired by Norway. However, NASAMS is primarily used statically: NOMADS provides units with mobile anti-aircraft protection, including its own radar which can even be integrated into the NASAMS anti-aircraft bubble. Furthermore, the choice of tracks makes it possible to accompany the Norwegian cavalry as well as operate in arctic terrain.

Currently, six Nomads are to be delivered but it is estimated that there will be a desire to purchase Nomads to equip a battalion – or several batteries – for the Norwegian Ground Forces.

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