Fallout London is almost ready to arrive: here's how you can play it

Fallout London – an ambitious mod for Fallout 4 that essentially creates a whole new game – was planned for this spring but the arrival of an update for the base game's current generation hardware has complicated life for the creators of this fan DLC. However, now there is an update.

The team has been revealed Collaborates with GOG, to provide a complete version of Fallout London for players to use. Because the project is too big to be published by most mod sites, GOG is working to host the download and make it available to all players, regardless of which store they own the base version of Fallout 4 (which is required, you can't play in London 4).

In a new report, The Group FOLON It gives an update on the process and says that everything is almost done.

A report from the Fallout London team

“There has been a lot of speculation regarding our upcoming release and we wanted to open up and clarify the matter with our key backers,” the site writes. “We've sent several versions to GOG for QA testing, and once we've completed the process of double-checking Fallout London and its installer on all machines that support it, we should be ready. Begins”.

London is also destroyed in Fallout London, as seen in this abandoned house

“Yes, we have our own installer and uninstaller too,” they confirm. The FOLON team reminds fans that this process, while it will slow down the release, will lead to a Better end product. “This final QA process has been fully completed in all our interests, and we are very grateful for GOG helping us.”

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“We can assure you, department heads, that not much seems to be happening He worked tirelessly behind the scenes During this period, the release plan can be better developed,” concludes Team FOLON's post.

We also remember that the development team wants to become a real software house.

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