Fans create ‘Twitch Tweet’ browser game to see how well you know the biggest Twitch players

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How well do you know your favorite streamers? That’s the question Twitch fans have been trying to answer with their browser-based Twitch Twitter game.

Reddit user shared a multiple choice quiz set with the LiveStreamFail subreddit. Twitch tweets is a game where fans can test their knowledge by trying to match the appropriate trigger with their tweet. Players will see a tweet without admin information as well as four player options. Make the right choice and keep playing, but if you make a wrong choice, your race will be over.

There are currently eight players in the game, namely Mizkif, xQc, Pokimane, Ludwig, Hasan, MoistCr1TiKaL, Sodapoppin and Sykkuno. Of these streams, there are a total of 40 random tweets that you will receive while playing the game.

Game creator lilboybrandon shared additional information about what could happen to the game via the Q&A on the subreddit.

“I would like to expand this game to highlight other (more regulated) broadcasting circles. OfflineTV, OTK and several VTuber organizations come to mind, and it would be better if each of these organizations had a separate set of guessable tweets.”

You can try out the game for yourself by visiting the Twitch Tweets website.

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