Gelsenkirchen police are looking for a mobile phone thief with a camera image

Gelsenkirchen Bismarck.
The raid on the suspected cell phone thief was recorded by the CCTV of the Gelsenkirchen department store. So it looks.

With an image from a surveillance camera, Gelsenkirchen police are searching for a suspect in a cell phone theft case.

Suspected thief steals a stored cell phone at the exit from Gelsenkirchen supermarket

A 46-year-old employee of a Bismarck-area supermarket had left his cell phone in the supermarket checkout area on June 28 of the previous year, a Monday, and briefly left the store around 1 p.m. When he returned, he found that his cell phone had been stolen.

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A surveillance camera captured a suspect taking the cell phone and leaving the store. Anyone who can provide information about the person in the photo is asked to call the police: 0209365 8112 or 0209365 8240.

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