Fans of Dino Crisis are not happy with this announcement –

Many fans of the franchise Dino CrisisFrozen for several years now, not reacting very wellAdvertising Off Exoprimal, Capcom’s new dinosaur based game. The reason is simple to understand: while sharing many elements, including the main character, this has nothing to do with the original series.

Regina has given many hopes

The first dino crisis begins in 1999 and is essentially a resident evil clone, in which the dinosaurs play villains. The last episode of the series dates back to 2003. Very serious fans have been asking for years to release a new episode or rearrange the old ones. Many were optimistic when they saw it QueenA character from the Dino Crisis series in a presentation film sent during Sony’s recent State of the Nation.

In addition to the weird name, imagine the frustration that ensued when it became clear that Exoprimal was not a survivor, but rather a fellow shooter. In particular, the subtitle of Dino Crisis was unleashed, where the announcement was defined as humble, provocative and meaningless.

The announcement came Hiroyuki KobayashiThe developer behind the Dino Crisis franchise to engage in the Exoprimal project.

Many have begun to ask them to reconsider the Dino Crisis or to create a new chapter (it’s Ed of his choice), while others point out that Exoprimal has evolved into a new Dino Crisis. Diverted in a different direction. Others were more optimistic, saying it might be a capcom test to see if there is still interest behind exoprimal dinosaur games. Still others felt betrayed and did not fail to express their frustration. In short, the emotions that society expresses are many, mostly negative, but not all in the same tone.

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For the rest, we remind you that Exoprimal Announced For PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and S and Xbox One. It will be released in 2023 on an as yet undecided date.

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