Far Cry 6: How did Vaas survive in the Far Cry 3 video game?

Today, the editorial team is finally revealing how Vaas survived the adventure that preceded the new video game Far Cry 6.

Since Vaas landed in video games Far Cry 6Players ask themselves a question about size. How do The symbolic character of the third authorship Survived the previous adventure? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Fez is back in Far Cry 6

this year, Ted Timmins put small plates into big plates By revealing a whole new adventure from the famous saga far cry.

For this sixth opus, the team seems to have given it all. In an interview with Ubisoft, Navid Khavari did not hesitate to do so Confidence in project design.

Narrative manager Far Cry 6 Then he declared: « We wanted to tell the story of a revolutionAnd when you tell the story of a revolution, you talk about guerrilla warfare. When you talk about guerrilla warfare, you are going to Cuba. “

To follow up: “We were very lucky to be able to travel to Cuba. I spent there about a month With the team to tour the island. We met many great people, experienced music and culture, and also met former guerrillas. “

Yes! Far Cry 6 It leads players into a dangerous world. Target ? Free Yara from the yoke of a bloodthirsty dictator and his son.

But although the video game details are amazing, players also had the opportunity Watch a prominent character from the land of the series.

Yes! Vaas . is back. And that, in the additional content of Far Cry 6. But while the villain played by Michael Mando has just arrived. Video game fans still ask themselves the question of size. How can he survive the third composition? MCE TV tells you more!

How did Fez escape from Jason Brody’s attack?

Based on information published online by splash screenCrazy DLC content from Far Cry 6 Focuses on the character of Vaas Montenegro. so Secret End of Bonus Content It reveals how the villain survived the events of the third installment.

While that Jason Brody stabbed the killer For the villain in the third adventure, it looks like he finally managed to get out of it.

and this is, Thanks to the mysterious properties of Dragon Blade. Hence, he stated that the character ended up saying goodbye to his former demons. In the new game, he will then team up with Juan Cortez.

The plot that is already making a fuss between Lovers Far Cry 6. Anyway, one thing is for sure, the players had a very hard time putting up with it The disappearance of the young man in the third half.

So they are thrilled to be able to find out about this person’s future and especially seeing that he ended up getting out of it. It remains to be seen if the players will appreciate it DLC created by Ubisoft.

For now, don’t panic about it. The villain is always talked about just as much !

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