Ferrière-la-Petite: 13 middle school students create a virtual tour of the Cour des Potiers for people with disabilities

Last Friday, the Musée Cour des Potiers celebrated the opening of a nice new feature on the site.

Concretely, the museum has a secret furnace inside. So it is difficult to do the work there, and in this case, it is impossible to build facilities that would give access for people with limited mobility to get into the building.

Until now, it was necessary to explain to people in wheelchairs who appeared that they could not visit the museum.

But things changed a few days ago. If the solution is not yet perfect for PMR, it still offers a good possibility.

And these are the enthusiastic teenagers who are in the lead. In all, 13 students from Lavoisier College in Ferrière-la-Grande chose to do everything to allow everyone to discover this museum.

Motivated, they came up with this idea after receiving an introduction to virtual reality. And why not take a virtual tour of the museum so you can show it to everyone?

With the help of qualified professionals, the 13 teens got started. And they did it all themselves, under the supervision of professionals.

During the opening, they explained their approach to getting everyone involved in cultural life. They discovered the museum first, and then took pictures of it. These images, placed end-to-end, made it possible to create a 3D model of all parts.

After that, young people made sure to create a place to visit for people with limited mobility. They made a wheelchair accessible table and holders for tablets and painted everything nicely.

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During this opening, local politicians and college officials came to congratulate the youth on their work, recognizing the educational contribution of their work, as well as their passion and involvement.
Indeed, young people gained a great deal of knowledge in a short time, both in terms of the history of Ferrière-la-Petite pottery and in terms of artistic skills, computer graphics or digital technology. This is a point that the Vice-Rector of Lavoisier College in Ferrier-La Grande wanted to highlight.

The mayor of Ferrier-la-Petite, Thomas Petit, warmly thanked the students for their gift to the local museum. This small structure that has suffered from the Covid period must be revitalized.

Finally, the head of the assembly, Benjamin St. Will, put special emphasis on the students’ work in the oral presentation of the project during the opening, recalling the difficulty of speaking in public, especially at such a young age.

Léna, Margaux, Elise, Maeva, Raphael, Robin, Alban, Clément, Lucas R, Lucas D, Pierre, Gaspar and Lola thanked warmly.

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