New restock tomorrow from GameStop. Here are all the details

Stop the game Announced A new drop PlayStation 5, tomorrow 1 June 20220 in the afternoonAnd thank you to many of you for finally getting Sony’s new console.

You get the chance to buy a bundle PlayStation 5 Standard Starting at 16:00, as soon as the drop is received.

Fall, as happened in previous weeks PlayStation 5 will be during the time Stop the game TV You can follow directly to the site at this address.


This drop is back on the PlayStation 5 Digital, available again in a special package with accessories and credits for the PlayStation Store.

The complete bundle would thus be PS5 Digital Edition, Dualsense White, Headset Pulse 3D Midnight Black, Stand Headset Trust, Multimedia Remote Control, Play & Charge Cable, PlayStation Network Card from 50 Euro Priced at 649.98 euros.

So there is nothing to do but re-emphasize the encounter with the drop during live Stop the game TV, starting tomorrow at 16:00. As always, Lorenzo will lead the episode.Kobe‘Facio and Virginia’Kafkanya‘Compadesa. Live, we will talk with guests Dino Lanari and Stefano Calarini about the history of video game exposure from the first TV broadcast to Twitch..

Live will begin at 16:00, at which time drop time will be announced. Join us at the Telegram And enable notification to be notified when consoles are available. Alternatively you can Follow the live video on the GameStop page directly at this address.

We remind you Subscribe to our telegram channel dedicated to offers Keep up to date on the best ads and availability PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. We also created Practical guide to help you make your purchase.

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