FIFA 21: 5 animations that will impress every FIFA player

FIFA 21 has long been criticized for its gameplay. Many of the animations even put you at a disadvantage. We bring you our top 5 list.

FIFA 21 is a soccer simulation. This is why the game from publisher EA Sports is so popular and available to everyone. But where does a good simulation start and where is it out of place?

Not only is the slogan: “The round must go into the square” is simulated in this game, but also the atmosphere of the soccer game. This also means spectators, stadium broadcasters, commentators and, unfortunately, player animations. In this article, we are listing the 5 best player animations that gave us one or two defeats.

Fifth place – offside arm

This animation should sound familiar to you. The opponent plays the ball for a long time, but the defender does not run. Instead, he slows down and raises his hand. After all, it should have been an offside.

In fact, when the stealth hand was inserted, it only appeared in the stealth position. EA Sports will believe that the defenders are in fact unlawfully raising their hands and have expanded this animation to this effect.

Fourth place – whine on the ground

Also in this example one would like to shout at the TV until the virtual player hears it and gets up again. We are talking about the most unnecessary animation in the game: multi-floor hit because the referee is not mistaken.

Just like in real football, it doesn’t help and ensures that you won’t be able to get the ball back. Unfortunately, in the virtual garden, you don’t have a choice whether to get excited or not.

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Third place – goalkeeper animation

Honestly, what does EA Sports think of goalkeeper animation? Animation Manuel Neuer with a knee on the ground didn’t help anyone in FIFA 21, on the contrary. Another example is the cool animation of Nasser Sack in which the goalkeeper collapses like one.

2nd place – defective automatic molds

The FIFA community has already complained loudly enough about Autoblocks. When the ball approaches the player controlled by the wizard, the ball is automatically blocked. This means that you do not have to respond to passes in defense.

But do you know what is worse than automatic locking? Automated lockout that takes place against your will: You move back and the opponent plays a pass in the barrel. You know you’re not going to get the ball and you want to let yourself hold back.

CPU doesn’t care what it’s decided on. She tries to implement auto lock, dashes into space and then can’t keep up. Thanks EA.

1st place – irrational player’s rebound

This animation is probably the most hated for a reason. A physical duel between players. Here physical strength should be at the fore and the right players should be able to assert themselves. Unfortunately, we often see players like Boateng or Smalling dress up like Sterling – as if they’re 1.90 tall but only 50kg. Actually hello!

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