How Longoria brought fans back to the game

OM announced on Friday that it had reached an agreement with the supporters’ associations to sign a new agreement. A success signed by Pablo Longoria. The new president has been working since his appointment to bring the fans back into the game after months of tension.

Jack Henry Aero, Pablo Longoria went on the move. The new OM boss was eager to get fans back in the game, after months of intense tensions with the culmination of these violent leadership events at the end of January. The process put in place by the leader on Friday culminated in the announcement of an agreement with groups of Marseille supporters to sign a new agreement.

Exchanges with Longoria are well received

Leaders of these groups have met Pablo Longoria twice since he replaced Jacques Henry Aero as president of the club. Their exchanges with the manager are appreciated. The latter assured them that he was indeed the president and that he had the full confidence of Frank McCourt, indicating that had it not been the case, he would not have accepted the position or would have actually left it.

Words reassured supporters, after rumors about Aero’s new role in the oversight board a few weeks ago (which the shareholder denied).

A meeting between Sampaoli and his supporters

Thus this dialogue resulted in an agreement, which will soon lead to the signing of a new agreement between OM and its groups of supporters. These agreements were in question when the Eraud-Overard-Aldbert trio were in power. It was eventually improved to highlight the fans, which are described as “the club’s pillars”.

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Supporters feel they have been “moved from Hell to Heaven,” with the strong commitments made by OM and the feeling that the groups are heard and respected. A sign of this improvement in relations between the club and its fans: according to our information, the fan federations have already met with Jorge Sampaoli. It was March 11, the day after Um Rin. And the Argentine promised them that he would put a lot of heart and passion in this club and on the field, adding that he would be very attached to the warm atmosphere. Sampaoli is counting more than ever on the madness of the ring when fans return to the stadium. A letter that has a lot to offer for OM fans.

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