“Fifa 21” source code displayed on the Darknet

Redwood City. Popular video game providers are increasingly suffering from hacker attacks. After the Polish company CD Projekt (“The Witcher”), the major publisher Electronic Arts (EA) fell victim to a cyber attack. The company confirmed to Bloomberg Financial Service, among others, that the attackers stole the game’s source code and associated software tools “to a limited extent.”

According to the online magazine “Vice”, hackers, among other things, claim to have obtained the source code for the soccer game “Fifa 21”. Blackberry software security experts have also come across offers of EA data on the dark web.

Hackers can access many computers

In this context, they warned that hackers can gain access to many computers thanks to the stolen information. In particular, they can develop additional software such as cheats that can be used as a gateway, BlackBerry experts confirmed Friday.

EA meanwhile confirmed that no data was captured for players in the attack – and there are currently no risks to their privacy.

CD Projekt was already the target of a hacker attack in February – and has now announced that it is now assumed that information from the attack will be offered for sale online. It added that in addition to data for games, information about employees and business partners could also be included.

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