Learn the rules of the road in virtual reality

Produced in collaboration with CNPA and ANPER, Mobility VR Simulator allows driving school instructors to deliver a more immersive and effective training view based on a highway code learning app. This innovation highly engages students in fun and interactive training sessions in virtual reality. Mobility VR Simulator is an educational and innovative tool for driving instructors. It allows students to immerse themselves in situations that are close to reality and chosen by teachers. The exercises provide an engaging and stimulating learning style, with a strong interest in developing learners’ skills. With the Reality Academy demo and Screen Feedback, the relationship between trainers and learners is at the core of the project. Coaches have the ability to visualize the decisions a student makes in real time, pause training when they want to provide immediate feedback and run virtually behind in order to explain mistakes made. This tool helps to enhance group cohesion and promote discussion among students. The coach is the heart of training and develops more collaborative learning. This virtual reality simulator can be integrated into several training offerings: B license initial training, points recovery course, post license training as well as accompanying driving training between parents and students, this is the evidence.The massive increasing access of virtual reality in our daily life.

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