Finals Season 2: New maps, new modes, and new tools!

All information about the second season of the finals is available! We tell you everything you need to know about the new features coming to the game.

Posted on 12/03/2024 at 10:34 by DinoG

Season two of Finals It's fast approaching, marking a turning point in this already hectic virtual game show world. With its launch scheduled for March 14, 2024, players are on edge, anticipating many new features promised by this major update. From new gadgets to revolutionary game modes, Season 2 is set to redefine the rules of the game.

This new season introduces a fantastic hacked map, SYS$HORIZON, enriched with new weapons for each class, a brand new 5v5 mode called Power Shift, not to mention a new skill-based league system and weekly career progression rewards. Another major innovation is the introduction of Hacker Playstyle, which offers new ways to gain an advantage in the arena.

What's new in season two?

Season 2 of The Finals opens the doors to an expanded and more dynamic gaming world. At the heart of this update, the SYS$HORIZON map, created by hacker group CNS, provides a unique playing field, with its neon aesthetic and vertical and horizontal geometry. Players are invited to explore this near-real space where the laws of physics are constantly tested.

Hacker gameplay style

The new Hacker gameplay lets players take on the role of a member of the CNS, armed with a host of new tools. This approach radically changes the way the arena is navigated and manipulated, providing unprecedented flexibility in game strategy.

  • the Material remover For middleweights, it literally changes the arena, making walls and floors intangible, thus opening up new tactical routes.
  • Anti-gravity cube Heavyweight offers an element of surprise and disorientation, changing the gravity to create amazing combat scenarios.
  • Gate Lighter weights provide more mobility, allowing for quick and unpredictable movements across the arena.
  • Data reshuffling Middleweight brings an aspect of deception, turning the elements of the arena to the players' advantage.


Power Shift: New 5v5 game mode

Power Shift 5vs5 mode calls for a whole new form of competition where team strategy takes on its full meaning. Platforming across the arena adds a layer of complexity and interaction between players, making each match exhilarating and unpredictable.


League system and career progression

The overhaul of the league system and the introduction of weekly career progression bonuses highlights individual skills and encourages perseverance. This new structure promises to make every game more rewarding, pushing players to outdo themselves.

Season 2 of The Finals represents a huge leap in the evolution of the virtual game show, offering players a myriad of new things to explore. Between discovering SYS$HORIZON, adopting Hacker Playstyle, and revamping strategy with Power Shift, this season promises hours of intense and innovative gameplay. Get ready to burst onto the scene on March 14, 2024, and redefine the way you play the Finals.

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