WhatsApp at the highest level, but pay attention to consumption

Automatic sharing of photos and videos in HD comes to WhatsApp, but it is not always the right choice: it has a strong impact on consumption and raises backups.

With over 2 billion users worldwide, Share it It is undoubtedly the most used app Share photos and videos Acquaintances, friends, relatives and even for work. Since August last year, among other things, the chat site created by Meta introduced the possibility to send photos and videos “HD quality“, overcomes one of the main problems with sharing visual content in chats, namely low graphic quality.

However, now there is another new feature that will make many people happy: it is not necessary to manually set high quality for every photo or video shared, but it is possible to choose it.Automatic HD For each share. It's a great facility, but it has one Big impact The amount of data exchanged by the application and, above all, on Backup of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp: How to Enable Automatic HD

To ensure that All photos and videos What is shared on WhatsApp is automatically sent in high quality Settings > Storage & Data > Media Upload Quality.

Here we will see a switch to choose from Consistent quality And HD quality. The second option allows you to send files High resolution And, above all, together Very little compression (But there is still some brevity).

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If you want to send the photo or video in resolution, it is correct to specify it Original qualitiesWithout any brevity, more is necessary Send them as an attachment Not via the button with the camera icon.

It should also be noted that even if HD is selected by default, it is always possible to send private content in standard quality: tap “HDBefore Complete the submission.

WhatsApp: Pay attention to data usage

When we choose HD quality, WhatsApp warns us about a detail that we should never underestimate: photos and videos in HD “WeightSix times more Compared to equivalent standard quality files.

That's what it means It takes more time Send and receive them, especially if they are HD videos More data will be consumed From your phone plan (if you're not connected to Wi-Fi), it takes up a lot of space on your phone.

But, after all, HD files tend to weigh more WhatsApp backup For a few months, it can no longer be hosted on Google Drive for free, but will be counted as a normal storage file by the Big G cloud service.

WhatsApp in HD: Is it worth it?

In light of all this Limitations and ContraindicationsIt is reasonable to ask yourself a question: is it worth enabling automatic HD for photos and videos shared on WhatsApp?

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Probably not, at least Not always: There are some chats where the quality of photos and videos sent is completely irrelevant, while high quality is useful even if not required.

The The next step for WhatsAppSo, users can be allowed to choose Default quality for each chat. In this way, in our opinion, the function will be perfect.

Veronica Tucker

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