Find Unused Writing Voice Clips in Datamines Hirol Warriors: Age of Disaster

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If you believe Hirol Warriors: Age of Disaster You will get some extra content over time and you may be in luck. This is a Koi Techmo Muso.

Following a story we ran back in October about the discovery of the Datamines Full cast of characters that can be played in the new Hirol Warriors game, Some newly discovered voice lines may also indicate what is to come.

Warning: In front of potential spoilers …

According to Gaming was rediscovered, Nintendo’s latest release removes voice lines for “every character that can be played” and finds some unused ones. It remains on the content, or it could lead to something like a DLC or a free update in the future.

Additional vocals are for Astor, Sooka, Pura and Robbie, and there are many other characters who call them on the battlefield. You can ask here. It is noteworthy that none of these characters were listed in the previous writing datamine.

Nothing has been said yet about the Nintendo DLC. Again, however, this is the Koi Tekmo game we are talking about and the original Hirol Warriors We got new playable characters in the game.

Want to join the list of characters that Aster, Sooka, Pura and Robbie can play? Share your thoughts below.

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