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Apple Airports (2nd General) – off 50 discount
$ 159 $ 99 Amazon Air It’s the lowest price airports have ever seen – it’s solid! I primarily use airplanes when I travel to hear at airports, planes, etc … I do not intend to use this for exercise as these are out. Also, $ 50 discount on wireless charging case. Personally, I use the basic model. Apple Airports Pro – off 80 discount!
$ 249 $ 169 Amazon This is the lowest ever Airports Pro cheaper than Amazon Prime Day deals. *** Note: You must add this to your cart to see the C 169 selling price **** Apple Watch SE – off 50 discount
$ 279 $ 229 Amazon Apple Watch S.E. This is the first time we’ve seen it for sale, and the $ 50 discount is the heck of a solid deal considering the more expensive Apple Watch series. Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm) – Holy Go Discount!
$ 169- $ 179 $ 119 Amazon ⚡⚡⚡ Holy cow, this is an incredible deal for the Apple Watch Series 3, 9 119USD – it is nowhere near this low spot. This is the lowest price we have ever seen for the Apple Watch Series 3. Although the Series 6 is new, the Series 3 has almost all the features (yet gets all the updates). It was sometimes reduced to 9 169. Apple Watch Series 6 – (40mm) – $ 50 off
$ 399 / $ 499 (cellular) $ 349 Amazon This is the best deal we have ever seen in the Apple Watch Series 6. Form swimming glasses (with heads up display) – off 20 discount $ 179 Amazon We often do not see deals on OM FORM swimming glasses (last black Friday last time). So if you want to take this, now is the time to do so! Fitbit ACE2 Functional Tracker for Kids – off 20 off $ 49 Amazon Fitbit Inspire 2 – 30% off
$ 99 $ 69 Amazon King Fitbit Sense – off 50 discount!
$ 329 $ 279 Amazon King This is the first time that the brand new Fitbit Sense is on sale. Not a bad deal! Fitbit Versa 2 – off 50 discount $ 129 Amazon King If you do not need the new features of Versa 3 (none of them, except the built-in GPS), this is a great option. Garmin FR935 – $ 100- $ 200 discount
$ 499 $ 299 Amazon Of course, this is not the latest version, but the FR935 is the flagship of many triathletes and runners, and it is still an incredibly solid watch. We saw a little less of this on Amazon Prime Day (9 239) last month. Also, I discount the base 100- off 200 because the ‘base’ price varies slightly these days. Sometimes it’s $ 399 and sometimes $ 499. Garmin Phoenix 5X – 50% off
99 599 $ 299 Amazon ⚡ Down to 9 299 is a substantial deal for the Phoenix 5X (non-plus), so don’t expect too much in the way of major software updates. But still, at that price it’s solid – really incredible. Note: The Phoenix 5X in this series actually includes mapping, while other Phoenix 5 (non-plus) units do not. Garmin Phoenix 6 Series – models 150 All models
$ 599- $ 1,149 Off 150 discount Amazon Background Deal This deal is back! This is a big deal shown last spring, and it also includes the newly launched Phoenix 6/6S solar units last summer Garmin Pioneer 235 running tracking
$ 249 $ 119 Amazon Look at Ook, this is not the latest generation tracking (FR245, released last year). But, for a solid running watch, the FR235 fits the bill perfectly. You will find it on the wrists of many racers in races (you know, when they happen again). Garmin Pioneer 245 – off 50 discount
$ 299 / $ 349 $ 249 Amazon King Both the Pioneer 245 are on sale for a $ 50 discount. While not a huge sale, it is one of the lowest priced products I have ever seen. Garmin Pioneer 245 Music – $ 50 Discount $ 299 Amazon King Both of the Pioneer 245 songs are on sale for a $ 50 discount. While not a huge sale, it is one of the lowest priced products I have ever seen. FR245 supports music Spotify, Amazon Music and other streaming sites. Garmin Pioneer 45/45 S – off 50 discount
$ 199 $ 149 Amazon King If you are looking for a watch that focuses on runners, there is no better deal than this. Period. FR45 basically compiles all the features of the previous generation FR235 … now in the FR45 series. Seriously, this is a solid deal. Garmin’s predecessor was the 735XT
$ 349 $ 169 Amazon If someone has a ‘yo mama’ joke here somewhere, the FR735XT is longer than the yo mama, however, 9 169 … If you still want a basic triathlon watch that supports many more game features than its competitors. Garmin Pioneer 935 Dry Bundle- $ 100 Discount $ 399 Amazon Of course, this is not the latest version, but the FR935 is the flagship of many triathletes and runners, and it is still an incredibly solid watch. This bundle contains HRM-TRI and HRM-SWIM chest straps. Garmin Pioneer 945 – $ 60 Discount
$ 599 / 599EUR 39 539 Amazon This is a good deal, in fact, the best deal of the FR945 we saw in 2020. I did not expect this for long, nor did I expect it to be the best this weekend. Garmin Pioneer 35 – off 50 discount
$ 169 $ 99 Amazon If you are looking for a solid budget GPS powered watch, it’s hard to go wrong here. Sure, it’s a bit old now, but it will keep a close eye on your bet and upload it to all sites like Garmin Connect and other Strava. Garmin HRM-DUAL (ANT + / Bluetooth Smart Strap) – $ 15 Discount
$ 69 $ 56 Amazon Days This is one of the bands I have to go to these days (ANT + & two simultaneous BLE links). It’s on sale, but it’s the lowest we have ever seen. Garmin HRM-PRO – 15% off!
$ 129 $ 110 Amazon H If you are in the market for HRM-PRO, this may not seem like a brain to choose for sale. Sure, it’s not a big sale, but it turned out, it’s actually on Carmine’s’ approved list of products, so I suspect it was a short-lived Amazon once. Take it when it is! Garmin Instinct – off 80 discount
$ 299 $ 149 Amazon Of course the new solar variants came out this summer with some new features, but the intuition at their core is mostly the same. Still, $ 149 is the lowest price the Instinct has ever had. Garmin Instinct Solar – off 100 discount
$ 399 / $ 449 $ 299 Amazon Background This is the first time we’ve seen a deal at Garmin Instinct Solar, and I look forward to seeing it for a while. Garmin Swimming 2 – off 50 discount
$ 249 $ 199 Amazon This is the 2nd time that Garmin Swim 2 has sold out. As part of my in-depth review, I easily found the most accurate open-air swimming watch I had tested, GPS-wise. This is good because most pools seem to be closed these days. : – / / Garmin Tactics Charlie – $ 150 Discount 99 599 Amazon Tactical Charlie is basically a phoenix for the military folks (Amazon Prime Days). Garmin Gum GPS Smartwatch – Off 100 Discount!
$ 299 $ 249 Amazon King This is the lowest we have ever seen for Garmin’s GPS, which includes an AMOLED display and music (even spotty offline). Solid deal. Garmin Vivoactive3
$ 129 $ 129 Amazon Viously obviously this is the previous version, but, it’s still a good price for a tiny little GPS watch. It is now mostly on sale in this price range, however, I have included it in the list because if you are looking for a deal it is probably one of the best deals out there. Garmin Vivo Active 3 Music – $ 50 Discount
$ 169 $ 149 Amazon Solid is a very firm deal, and remember, it also includes Spotify support! Garmin Vivo Active 4/4 S – off 40 discount
$ 299 $ 249 Amazon King This is Carmine’s current offer to compete with the Apple Watch series (with the Garmin van), which is a good price, however, not less than the $ 199 we saw for Amazon Prime Day. Garmin Vivofit Jr.. 3 – 25% discount $ 59 Amazon All Vivofit Jr. 3 variants on sale are included. Polar H10 Chest Strap (Dual ANT + / Bluetooth Smart) – 19% off
$ 89 $ 72 Amazon This is an excellent dual ANT + / Bluetooth smart (with two Bluetooth smart connections) chest strap that you will often use as a reference strap in the heart rate sensor test. We only see deals around black silver, which are always more than 20%. Polar Ignition GPS – Off 45 Discount!
$ 229 $ 183 Amazon This is a very firm deal for this unit, and about the lowest volume we have ever seen. Keep in mind that the price will vary slightly depending on the right color band you choose. But either way, this is a big deal. PowerBeats Pro Wireless Sport Headphones – off 75 Discount!
$ 249 $ 174 Amazon ⚡⚡ These are my daily drive headphones, which I use for all my coach rides, and anything else related to sports. They are not perfect (i.e. charging case) and I go back every day due to seamless Apple eco integration (iPod / Apple TV / iOS / Mac). Samsung Galaxy Butts genuine wireless earrings – 39% off $ 79 Amazon This is obviously very popular and we need to make them even more popular as they are 31% discount. Wireless charging case included. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 – $ 60 discount $ 339 Amazon This is a very new watch, so the discount 60 discount is a solid discount! Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 – 28% off $ 179 Amazon Suunto 5 GPS Multisport Watch – 35% discount
$ 329 $ 229 Amazon Background Complete is a very strong deal for this complete multisport watch that I really like. Well nailed in the price here. Suunto 7 Wear OS Watch – 30% discount
$ 499 $ 349 Amazon Background Watch This is the lowest price this watch has ever had – definitely worth the price to pick it up if you are in the market. Suunto 9 – 46% off!
99 599 ($ ​​499 not fraudulent) $ 346 Amazon Background This is a good deal for the Sunto 9 as we have seen in the US.

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