Firmware update

The initial OS distribution aims to be a replacement for Windows and macOS. To achieve better maturity, the OS will allow internal software (firmware) to update peripheral devices by incorporating LVFS.

In an article entitled “Hardware improvements coming to Primary OS ”(“ Upcoming Hardware Improvements in Initial OS ”), Cassidy James Blade explains that initiatives have been taken in recent months to bring consumer distribution closer to major manufacturers.Linux compatible computers : Slimbook in Spain, as well as Star Labs, Pine64 (Pinebook Pro), and Raspberry Foundation.

Full hardware support built into the initial OS

These efforts to collect OEM Linux Part of a strategy to natively support the largest number of hardware configurations, but also to ensure their upgrades.

This is why my starting 0S 6, Scheduled to be launched this year, Will incorporate an important novelty: the update of the devices’ internal software (the “Firmware Update”), using two technologies: LVFS and fwupd. This functionality is already incorporated by many OEMs, especially during installation.

In the case of an initial OS, it will be integrated directly into the system settings, as seen below, while familiarizing yourself with your Dell computer.

For this recognition to be useful, it must be guaranteed by the manufacturers, who must use LVFS when deploying Firmware upgrades. This is really the case with Dell, HP, Intel, and Lenovo, but also with Star Labs and 8Bitdo. New version available? It will be distributed directly via the system board of the OS, with no additional download required.

What is LVFS?

LVFS Stands for “Linux Vendor Firmware Service”, prof A secure gateway that allows manufacturers to publish internal software (firmware) updates for their devices.

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This project started before Richard Hughes (Red Hat engineer) The compatibility list is updated regularly on this the page.

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