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Anime fans with sporting ambitions are being asked to tune in. The new Birdie Crush mobile golf game is now available for download.

Korean publisher Com2uS introduces Birdie Crush, a fantasy golf game for iOS and Android. With simple controls and easy gameplay, Birdie Crush is designed to be easy to access. In addition to the casual golf game, a variety of special players’ content gathered in the campus life of Magic Golf School is offered. This is located in the fictional kingdom of Tribain, which is the birthplace of golf in the fictional game world. The school has been revived by the most diverse characters and heroes, who are individually styled with a selection of colorful costumes and accompany on their travels by animal packs – the characters and the game world tend not to be reminiscent of the usual golf title, but are totally in the style of brightly colored anime, including Burning golf balls, magical and mystical equipment.

Birdie Crush offers automatic mode and simulation. In addition, the dynamic match mode enables diversified real-time play against other golf enthusiasts from all over the world. For the global release, Com2uS organizes various in-game events where players can secure a complete personal costume kit, among other things.

Birdie Crush is now available for both iOS Appstore As well as in Google Play Store Available. The title is a free-to-play game that provides additional content as in-app purchases.

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