Five years after its announcement, the hacking and stealth game has been released

The infiltration begins at the beginning of the school year

That was in 2019 Electrical stimulation It was announced with a first trailer. The title has been awaited for more than five years, which is ultimately not surprising when we know that it is part of the PlayStation China Hero Project, an initiative from Sony that aims to highlight Chinese productions. These are generally (and deliberately) announced very early, e.g Lost soul aside or Divine killerwas recently unveiled but is not planned until 2027.

Developed by Spikewave Games, it was written by former developers who worked specifically at 2K China and is published by Astrolabe Games worldwide. Electrical stimulation It is a title that has been in the making for seven years. This game is now scheduled to be released on September 13, 2024 on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.. We are learning that too It will be about ten hours of gameplayAnd the adventure will be completely double.

We remind you that the title will plunge us into a dystopian near future where the research installation has become the scene of a technological disaster. The AI ​​system controlling the facility has been infected with a virus and is out of control. With an emphasis on appreciation, the game will ask you to enter this place, with mechanics that mix hacking and stealth. We are also promised different ways to play on different possibilities.

Note that in December 2022, Just for Games / Maximam Entertainment France announced a collaboration with Perp Games and Spikewave Games for a physical release in our French territory. If this has not been confirmed since then, it is expected that it will be maintained, which will undoubtedly have to be confirmed in the following hours.

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