Fixed an issue with the printers (update)

One after the announcement Fix Temporanio, Microsoft Announced the availability of one Patch OK For the introduced printer problem Overall updates Last March 9th. The final fix can be downloaded via the Windows update.

Windows 10: KB5001567 for printer error

After installing the updates KB5000802 (Windows 10 20 H2/2004), KP 5000808 (Windows 10 1909/1903), KP 5000822 (Windows 10 1809) and KP 5000809 (Windows 10 1803) BSOD APC_INDEX_MISMATCH with error message (blue screen of death) when attempting to print to specific printers in some applications. Microsoft has released a temporary package, but new bug fixes are now available.

Here is a list of fixes for each supported version of Windows 10:

  • Windows 10 20H2 / 2004: KB5001567
  • Windows 10 1909/1903: KB5001566
  • Windows 10 1809: KB5001568
  • Windows 10 1803: KB5001565

Update If desired, So it will not be installed automatically by Windows Update. The user has to click on the “Download and Install” button. Alternatively, you can search for individual references Microsoft Update List.

Corrections will obviously be included in the overall updates April 13 (Patch Tuesday). These are the updates They will be removed The vecchio Browser Edge Install the new Chromium-based Edge (if not) from your computer.

There is Microsoft Published The Build 19043.899 of Windows 10 21 H1 For the Insider Project Beta Channel. Many bugs have been fixed with this creation (including printers related), removing the Edge legacy and adding a new Edge. These are the final “touches” before they are released in April or May.

Update (3/18/2021): Microsoft Confirmation There are still printing issues as reported by many users.

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