Buy a Lenovo gaming computer and get a free Stadia Pro subscription

Lenovo has partnered with Google to offer a free Stadia Pro subscription to anyone who purchases a Legion gaming computer. If that sounds like a good deal to you and you’re already thinking of a new gaming PC, you might want to consider something from the Lenovo Legion line.

However, IdeaPad computers are also included in the offer. It should be noted that perhaps not all computers fall into these two groups. Show Listed as compatible only with certain Lenovo Legion and Lenovo IdeaPad computers. This means that you will have to re-check if the offers you are looking for are part of the offer.

Unfortunately, Lenovo does not appear to include these details in the announcement. So this is perhaps something that consumers should ask about when shopping.

Lenovo Stadia Pro Display starts rolling out this month

Lenovo says the offer will start appearing this month, so it is not fully available yet. The most important details are about the computers you buy.

While this is only intended for Legion and IdeaPad computers, it can be a desktop or laptop computer. So you have a lot of leeway there. However, Lenovo says it must be manufactured After after April 5, 2021.

This indicates that the laptop or desktop computer you purchase must be from new stock that arrives in stores on or near this date. If you purchased old stock, for example from last December, these devices are likely not eligible for the offering.

Additionally, you must live in one of the supported areas. These include the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and a few other countries in Europe.

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Consider all the Pro games on offer

Given that the show will start in the next two weeks, it will likely run for a while. How long is unclear, but it will likely take more than a few weeks.

However, you may want to consider offering Stadia Pro games for free before purchasing them. Since this switch runs monthly, and the free trial will include 90 days of Pro without you having to pay for it, you might want to save the display prompt when better games become available.

Or maybe more accurately, the games that interest you the most. If you are not interested in your current collection of free games for March, you may want to wait for the free games of April or May before claiming a free membership.

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