For data protection reasons: Dresden City Hall destroyed many computers

Although not at all defective, Dresden City Hall regularly discards computers, laptops and tablets.

Dresden – Working computer technology is essential for office work.

Hundreds of town hall computers are sorted every year that end up in the trash. (Icon image) © imago images / penofoto

This is why personal computers, laptops and tablets are replaced at City Hall as well at regular intervals. Although most devices are not defective, most of them end up in the trash.

This led to a request from Left City Councilor Tello Kisling (50) to the city administration. Many students in homeschooling can definitely use it.

The city council justifies this measure with data protection. “For data protection reasons, the hard drives of the personal computers and laptops that were in use in the state capital must be physically destroyed so that no one can recover the data,” explains Mayor of Finance Peter Lamis (56, SPD).

Another problem: the installed software can only be used by the city for licensing reasons.

Last year, 251 PCs, 30 laptops and five iPads (the screen was broken) were delivered to Lebenshilfe Dresden for recycling. There they are either resold to hobbyists or scrap dealers.

City councilor Katarina Hanser (37, left) wants to change that. “There is a positive example from Leipzig, where peripheral devices are reprocessed and transported to the needy.”

This not only requires support from management, but also support from colleagues who take care of it. You should now search for this.

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