Paris Club-Clermont: “This offside goal completely changes the face of the match,” said René Gerrard

Sad ending of the Paris Football Club series. After nine matches unbeaten, the Parisians fell into shock at Clermont (0-1). They confirm their limits against the leading teams (5 points out of 21 versus the first 4 in 7 confrontations). With this defeat, the podium appears to be gone forever. PFC is 7 points behind Clermont (2), 6 over Toulouse (3) and 5 over Grenoble (4). However, he maintains the fifth place with two points, ahead of Auxerre (sixth). The Parisians suffered from this trauma which turned into an offside goal of course from Mohamed Bayou, the top scorer in the French League (the 19th achievement). Renee Gerrard introduced himself at a press conference with black eyes …

Do you look a little angry?

Renee Gerrard. On the field, I was late … But what I see is that we lost with an offside goal of at least one meter. I have reviewed the pictures and there is no shadow for the tip. In the first leg, we had covered the exact (sic) with a third goal in offside (losing 3-2). So far I haven’t said much. But everything is starting to get a little tired … As against Troy with Mister Varela, I think he could be a little better at whistling such a shock than the referee tonight. We are really disappointed.

Does this frustration explain Ali Abdi’s dismissal at the end of the match?

It takes yellow and then claps to the referee. I think we’ve seen a lot worse … but hey, there are evenings like that, we shouldn’t try to make sense of it.

This fact in the game may definitely punish you. But before this goal was awarded, Clermont had put you on difficulty a few times …

Clermont isn’t on top for nothing. They are an amazing team. But we got nothing. I admit we weren’t exceptional in the match, but given that offside goal, it changed the face of the match completely. He forced us to run after the score and this cemented Claremont in his strategy. They came to wait for us and not to give up. 1-0, it was easier for them.

For three matches, are you still off?

We were a little indifferent, juicy and aggressive. I have a little idea about it but I’m keeping it to myself … Before analyzing the causes of this less powerful blow, we’ll really consider recovering well. You have to get back on your feet quickly because the trip to Guingamp happens so fast. It won’t be an easy game. It’s been over two months since we lost. There is bound to be disappointment and frustration in the locker room.

On the accounting level, it’s a very bad process …

Clermont and Grenoble, who also won, walked away a little. You have to pay attention to Auxerre. The only good news is that they lost. That’s okay, we’re advancing and reserving our chances at dams. Everything remains playable, we must continue to believe in it. There are four matches left, and we’re not going to give up now.

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