For iPhone and iPad, the colors of “that” bright spot warn of danger

Not everyone knows that an important security feature is connected to the bright spot of the iPhone. Check now, you may be “in danger”.

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As we have pointed out in some articles, the iPhone is a truly exceptional mobile phone. Not just a luxury itemBut fitted New and interesting activities, Often even “copied” by Android device manufacturers. Having such an object in your hands is definitely satisfying from all angles. But as the latest “history” teaches us, Most iPhone owners are unaware of all its capabilities. One last thing Announcements About Privacy protection. The special feature is implemented with iOS14 updates, which is compatible with the models Up to date iPhone 6s. Also, it is available on iPads as well. Here’s what happens If a small bright dot appears When using the device.

Different colors, different danger messages. What does the bright spot of the iPhone and iPad mean

Cell phone warnings about a “dangerous” situation may seem insane. In fact, Apple has a very special relationship with the privacy of its users, And try to protect her in every way. That’s why he came up with this simple but effective system. All device owners have noticed the appearance of one Warning light When using a camera and / or microphone. But there is another small point that can be illuminated. It has been placed On the top right of the mobile iPodBetween indications of battery status, WiFi signal and device reception bars. It turns green or orange. Apple has introduced a special feature that illuminates this point whenever the camera or microphone or both are turned on.

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If the user does not want to use them intentionally, the indicator will flash, It means that something is wrong. Basically someone is “spying” on us. It’s not about hackers or illegal activities (but it’s always better not to exclude anything) but the gods Permission has been granted for downloaded applications. Many people – in fact each of us will face it – basically allow apps to be secure because they give permission for anything when they download an app. But If we give access to the camera and the microphone, we run the risk. We can spy, be heard, and followed.

Here it is To protect its users Apple came up with this system. Whenever one of the running apps approaches the microphone and / or camera, the iPhone or iPad will report it. With Green light means the camera is on (Before / after), with it Orange On the contrary, the Microphone. The user can decide whether to uninstall the “spy” application. Even if the scope of third-party care is 90% Advertising purposesIt is perfect for the user to know who is approaching his habit.

Additional features to protect privacy

Includes iPadOS 14 and iOS 14 updates More convenient features Designed to protect privacy. In fact, there are applications that can even access “notes”. It’s a Very dangerous permission To provide, because anyone can access it through the clipboard Passwords, bank details, addresses and more important data. When that happens, someone comes Pop-up notification And the user knows that he can protect himself.

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Passwords are also protected as the Safari version is always updated with iOS and iPadOS14. When the password is hackedSystem Warns user immediatelyIt will change quickly before it is too late.

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