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The new game The Forbidden Arts (Version 1.0.1, 2,1 Go, iOS 11.0) Immerses you in an adventure centered around a character who has been identified as a hero. Fans of action and adventure might be doing well with this Zelda on Switch-like version of this App Store.

The Forbidden Arts has been corrected in the App Store

Forbidden Arts he is An action-adventure platform game developed by Selosoft Focus on discovery and exploration. The story revolves around the hero PhoenixShe, who asks for advice from a priestess to give meaning to her visions, awakens her potential for romanticism. An exceptional and fascinating journey as Phoenix seeks to master the “fire” element.

Main characteristics:

  • 5 multi-level worlds
  • 6 boss fights
  • 30+ unique enemies
  • More than 12 hours of gameplay
  • High-quality graphics with a “hand-painted” effect

You have the powers to defeat the enemies but especially the bosses on every side of the world and you help yourself a lot from the environment to achieve this. The game alternates between certain clips in 2 D. And others in Three-dimensional Diverse gameplay with the ability to save at any time. You can interact with some non-playable characters in order to complete side missions and at the same time, discover secret places that will allow you to increase your fighting skills.

The game is available in French on iPhone and iPad and includes a non-mandatory in-app purchase of € 5.49 if you want to remove ads.

Download the free game Forbidden Arts

Forbidden Arts Capture iPhone iPad iPad

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