Switch Receives Monster Hunter Rise Show

About Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is an RPG action game that takes players into the new mountain landscapes around the colorful village of Kamura. This attracts visitors under its influence with its unique culture and innovative fishing technology. After hunters have chosen and equipped their weapons from different types of weapons, many new hunting grounds await them, including the “holy ruins”. For the first time, rope gripping operations can be performed with a “rope beetle” while standing or from the air. Completely new air maneuvers can be added to the hunting and attack strategy.

at Monster Hunter Rise Wolf-like “Canyne” Palamute, who supports players with new attack options and acts as a mountain, debuts as new hunting partners, while “Felyne” Palicos returns as additional support characters. As players defeat monsters and advance in the game, looted items can be used to create unique weapons and armor. These increase their chances of success and survival in the future. Players can play the challenges alone or with up to three other hunters in co-op mode locally or online. The versatility of the Nintendo Switch lets hunters play anywhere, anytime with anyone!

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