Fort Boyard 2024: Showcasing the game in Olympic form to celebrate its 35th anniversary this summer

There are approximately 2.5 million fans following her on average every summer! Fort Boyard will premiere on Saturday, June 29 on France 2 (9:10 p.m.). A little predictable schedule this year due to the Paris Olympics. The 35th season will consist of nine primetime and eight “after” episodes through the beginning of September. Fort Boyard will take a break during the Olympics. An “Olympic” circuit with athletes is also scheduled for the day before the opening ceremony, Thursday 25 July. As is the case every year, the game show hosted by Olivier Minne is based on its historical figures and legendary events. With a good dose of new things and new faces.

This year, the candidates will have to deal with the famous Forbidden Cells, the common theme of Season 35. Father Foras had developed cells with forgotten experimental projectsUncontrollable and therefore closed personalities. Therefore, he will open one of these banned cells for every broadcast to trap the candidates. For example, we could have a den of outcasts excluding a former Time Lord or a girl claiming to be the sister of White and Red. reveals Guillaume Ramin, artistic producer of Fort Boyard since 2011.


New and blocked cells

Fort Boyard will also present classics revisited. For example, with the Vikings, the cell of the famous Excalibur sword had to be removed from its rock. “This time, the entire dungeon will be frozen. You will have to get down below the frozen floor of the dungeon, swim through the icy water to retrieve the sword, and break a block of ice to release the key.”The technical producer continues. Other new cells : Chateau Boyard au Soupret. The cast of characters also expands with Booster (a new member of the Boo family), Pepper (a robot who accompanies Father Fouras) and the former fort treasurer.

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Among the popular game show characters now, Bartot's pass Wall pass It will be more present than ever. The former, who guides adventurers through the fort's corridors, will share his best techniques with the team. The second is the loyal representative Father Foras, he will take matters into hand too. During each screening, a candidate will face off against an audition. Another key character from Fort Boyard: Willy Rovelli. Host France Bleu will reopen his restaurant 'Chez Willy', with an upgrade in the dining room, but certainly not the menu. a stamp Cyril Gospo You will also develop by being invited to Fort Bo'llywood.

Season 22 of Olivier Maine's Fort Boyard
Season 22 of Olivier Maine's Fort Boyard © Radio France
Eric Le Bihan

“Every season is a challenge for the person managing it.”

The show also relies on its star host Olivier Maine, who is in his 22nd season of Fort Boyard.. Without any fatigue. “Everything remains practically the same as it was on day one. Things that are still there today, but with a lot of developments and new features, everything still pleases me about this show, first of all because it is fresh. Every season is a challenge for whoever runs it, and I'm happy to be here. “Apart from the show itself and its concept, there is also the team I work with.”

After each broadcast, Willy Rovelli will ask the team of the day to stay and try to win an additional €1,500. They will participate in three additional events, including Chef's Surprise: A Treasure Hunt that will allow you to discover the fort as you have never seen it before. The premiere will air on June 29The team will consist of Elie Semaun, Damien Pauwels, Jimmy Mohammed, Léa François, Guillaume Daret, Aurélie Konaté and La Rochelais Nina MetairHe was voted the best pastry chef in the world. They will play for the Projet Primites association, which aims to support the Chimpanzee Conservation Center based in Guinea Conakry.

The cast premieres on Saturday, June 29
The cast premieres on Saturday, June 29
Laurent Vaux – ALP – FTV

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