Fortnight, many new free rewards: here’s how to get them

Thanks to a new attempt, you can get rewards for free on Fortnight. Here’s what to do

Fortnight, How to Receive New Rewards for Free (YouTube Screenshot)

Continue working through Epic game Update his War Royal and keep it phased out over time. Fortnight Almost 4 years after birth, dizziness records numbers. Many updates and rewards are reserved For millions of gamers.

Not long ago, Software House announced a new initiative that aims precisely to offer a lot of free rewards to those who complete a few simple steps. “Restart friend”Also, as the name implies, inviting a friend to play Fortnight will allow someone to get some bonuses. Here’s what to do What gifts are received.

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Fortnight, New Rewards, How to “Restart a Friend” Works

If you want to get all the new rewards offered by Fortnight for free with initiative “Restart friend“The path to follow is very simple. You must log in first This site Connect with your Fortnight account. At this point, you can Select three friends Those who have not played for a long time to call back at War Royal. Finally, play with them and collect points To receive many prizes.

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In particular, There are four rewards: Spray restarts, heart rate coverage, Poison Lightning Hang Glider and Plasma Carrot Picox (in 2 different versions). By playing with invited people, you get 100 points on the first restart and 10 points on each subsequent game. Within seven days, You need to get game rewards.

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