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Some Sannio lands, in particular Telesina Valley Born in Tierno, They will be summoned to welcome Next May 15 The eighth stage of 104 Giro Ditalia, The ‘Foggia – Guardia SanframondI’.

A prestigious and unmissable opportunity to showcase the landscapes and historical, artistic and architectural beauty of the region, which prepares the national and international attention conveyed by the two thousand participating information operators during the three weeks of the competition and the potential television use of about 800 million viewers.

The areas affected by the passage, after the eyebrow in Boca della Silva, as it is known, are Petaruga, Cosano Motri, Cerrito Sanita, Tilesi Terme and Castelfiniere, before reaching Parallel street From Sanframondi guard.

Thus, after the provincial authority, in cooperation with the mayors of the concerned regions, prepared a safety and adaptation program for the road infrastructure affected by the passing of the race in pink, so that individual municipalities are preparing to host it.

In particular, the Municipality of Guardia Sanframundi, Which will host the arrival of the eighth stage, will announce the event, as required by the procedure, and prepare the track with flags, balloons and various tools.

In particular, the municipality will purchase 50 sets of T-shirts, 30 festivals with flags, 1000 balloons, 2 roll-ups and PVC banners. The purchase was entrusted to two Samnite companies for a total amount of approximately € 2,055.

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