Fortnight, Skins That May Come This Season: Lots!

During Fortnight Season 7, many new skins may be released. Here are all the hypotheses

Here are all the skins that may come in Fortnight in the future (screen shot)

The Fortnight’s Season 7 Launched a few weeks ago, but it’s already time to think about the many innovations that will come in the future. Luxury partnerships, exclusive events and In many skins never seen before (Or variations of existing types). Despite being epic games, the assumptions are currently different Has not yet revealed itself.

“Analysis” Modus operandi In the software home of the past years, it is still possible Make some initial assumptions In some news that fans can welcome In the coming weeks.

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Fortnight, any skins may come very soon

Between luxury collaborations and new exclusive events, there will be some good ones (screen shot)

Let’s start with a determination: Loki Has officially become a character Fortnight. With July Team GalleryIn fact, the deceptive god gets his own skin. But this is one of the many inventions that will come in the future. The first hypothesis is to see others Superheroes from DC Comics or Marvel. Imagine the final episode of Dedication Comics coming out soon, the unpublished characters never seen before. When talking about other partnerships, the world is given more importance Sports. In a few weeks NBA season, With the Phoenix Suns competing with the Milwaukee Bucks or the Atlanta Hawks. A kind should not be rejected Champions skin celebrates.

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There was a lot of discussion about this as well Best Hollywood Actors The game is ready to debut on the island. Do you remember the rumors about? Twain “The Rock” Johnson? His time may have finally come.

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