Here’s an alternative to Chrome on Chromebooks

Using Chrome on a Chromebook seems to make sense. However, there is now a real alternative to the Google browser.

Chrome OS is built around the Chrome browser. So it seems logical to use Chrome as a browser. But Chrome OS is built on Linux, which is part of the GNU/Linux family and more specifically Gentoo. So we can install Linux software as well as Android apps through Play Store.

So it was already possible to use alternative web browsers on Chromebooks, but they were not adapted to the system. So you cannot use keyboard shortcuts or some other operating system functions. In fact, Opera has just adapted its web browser to Chrome OS, so it’s a serious alternative to Chrome.

Opera adapts its browser to Chrome OS

Opera for Chromebook is based on the Android version of the browser, and the publisher has adapted some features and also taken into account the specifications Chromebook (Like the keyboard for example).

It’s a true Chrome alternative with built-in VPN and AdBlock, as well as some add-ons like web app integration (The WhatsAppAnd the cableAnd the InstagramAnd the Twitter or Facebook Messenger). You will also have many color themes in addition to the dark mode. If you are familiar with using Opera, it is also possible to sync your data.

To test Opera on a Chromebook, You just need to download it from play store. Note that you can also download fire foxAnd the Dolphin Browser or Ghostery Browser.

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