Fortnite Impostors: All about the new crook mode

In “Fortnite” you can try a new type: the “rogue” mode, in which players have to work together in a group. Tasks must be done, including repair work, storm analysis, and much more. The faster you work, the higher the chance for your team to survive.

But those hiding among you are crooks who will do everything to sabotage you and eliminate every agent. You must report fallen team members and suspicious behavior before the group decides who will be banned from the bridge. If you don’t stop the scammers, they slowly take over their skills. So you can delay the progress of missions, teleport players or put them all in the same banana outfit and better hide under them.

Do not trust one! Fix the bus and do other chores to win.

Prepare to betray

The lobby is filled up automatically before the game starts. In “Hochstapler” there is no general voice chat, otherwise it can easily detect the agent and who is not. But you can continue to chat with the help of emotions and in group chat.

If you prefer to play with friends, you can start a “private game” with at least four players in the settings. It is ideal to play in a group of eight or more players, otherwise you will only have one cheat per round.

crook, watch out

To throw the crook off the bridge, you must first force the meeting. All players still alive can use this option and force the group to make a decision. The discussion also begins when a dormant factor is reported. Last but not least, there is an additional terminal in the middle of the bridge, which can also be used to start a meeting. But be careful: scammers can also use all of these functions!

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Don’t Trust Anyone: The Fortnite Impostor Is Here

Players can use the quick chat menu or emotes to share information. The former gives quick access to a number of questions. With these, other group members can ask about their activities and decide who to trust and who to not. If everyone votes, the player with the most votes will be expelled.

Rewards: Impostor Trials

You can only unlock some rewards if you play as a con man. These are linked to “fraud exams”. You will receive one of 11 badges when you log into the official website. Every second match in the new event unlocks another badge that can be exchanged for rewards.

Here is a list of items you can unlock:

  • Earned 1 badge: “Hot Tipped” spray figure
  • 6 badges earned: “Stay Between Us” emoji
  • You’ve earned all 11 badges: “Spectral Surge” paint job

“Fortnite Impostors” vs. “Between Us”

Epic Games seems to have copied its new game mode directly from the song “Between Us” – nothing has changed in the gameplay. The original was released in 2018 and took over the gaming community last year. The pandemic was the perfect catalyst to bring friends and family together through “Between Us” and pass time in the game.

The success created waves that Epic now wants to ride. And that’s without speaking to Innersloth, the developers of “Between Us”. They heard about the “Hustler” mode at the same time with fans and only responded with a “:/” when asked on Twitter if Epic had permission from the independent developer.

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Gary Porter, programmer at Innersloth, compared the cards in the “between us” and “impersonator” modes. The fact that these items are nearly identical apart from some changes is an insult to him. Victoria Tran found Epic’s decision a shame and would have loved it had there been a collaboration between “Fortnite” and “Between Us”. Of course, Innersloth does not have a patent on the game mechanics – but Epic has been heavily criticized because the popular formula was copied almost completely without providing any ideas.

Innersloth has also received approval from fans and other independent developers. Given the popularity of the new game mode, Epic may have chosen the easy way rather than making a deal with Innersloth.

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